Warning on www.SBSlinks.com

On February 24, 2005, in Security, by

 I don’t host web sites on my servers and hire others to host them for me.  But you have to the rely on their security practices to ensure all is well.  Well tonight, thanks to David Svirskis I got my own wakeup call of how bad it’s getting out there to “browse” on the Internet.  David emailed me with the warning that my little SBS web site that I use to throw up pages here and there was the site of a trojan. Java/Shinwow.Q!Jar!Trojan to be exact.

Steve Friedl, Security MVP looked at the offending file and found that it was trying to indeed hijack web browsers.

So for now if you go to my site sbslinks, the home page isn’t there as I temporarily moved it and replaced it with a temporary page.  I’ve emailed Readyhosting.com to have them clean up the site and take action.

Just kinda feels a bit weird when a web page I set up to help others, ends up being a bad guy.  Downright creepy actually.


One Response to Warning on www.SBSlinks.com

  1. Matt says:

    Shouldn’t the host be watching for things like that?