I had this bizarre dream this morning.  You know that morning dream you get when you go back to sleep for a bit..the one in which you dream really really bizarre stuff?

I had this dream that in order to promote LUA and least privilege user mode and all that … Bill Gates was Grand Marshall of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.

Now exactly HOW being grand marshall would promote running as restricted user … I have no idea… but that was my crazy dream this morning.

Now given that the Grand Marshall tends to set a theme for the floats…and the theme was LUA and least privilege… I have no idea how the flower covered floats would look.  I didn’t dream that far into the details and just woke up going…. okay how exactly did that idea get into my head?

Okay… I really need a life   🙂


One Response to I think I had a bit too much Mountain Dew too late in the evening or something….

  1. Tim - Obiwan of the Airlines says:

    Your dream is incomplete Padiwan. For where within the (ugh) visual was the audio of Bill singing "Everythigs comming up roses" in Ethel Merman’s vioce? It is like selling the latest round of lay-offs and cost cutting with Bobby McFarren’s "Don’t worry, be happy" as the theme song.