Next time, Barbara, just call me

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Barbara Darrow in the Unblog on the CRN site talks about the new online  “Small Business Center”.  Reading the post reminded me of a happening just this weekend.  

In her post it talks about the demo of the new site had the person putting in that he or she was a 6 computer shop and they ended up getting referred to Tectura and  Avondale.  Now I’m not 100% sure they would turn down a 6 person computer job, but I guarantee you Tectura would not do as well as my buddy Steven Banks or any one of his fellow SBS partner user group in Seattle.  AH HA after doing a bit of digging and clicking through I did find Steve down under the registered partner level.  The initial ‘landing place’ only offers up the Gold Certified partners [you know, the partners that at least two of which back in the SBS 2000 days of mine tried to talk me out of SBS]. 

I guess I’m always trying to swim a bit upstream or something but at a time when CRN is talking about some partners seeing Microsoft ‘over recruiting new partners’, I’m trying to drag more registered partners in the door.  Just this weekend in fact, someone emailed me and asked if I knew of an SBS consultant in Orange County and with our SBS user group ties, sure ’nuff I did.  Guaranteed installer of SBS networks, in fact, courtesy of our SBS Group network.

So for all you registered partners out there reading this blog… click on Products overview, Solutions Advisor, answer a few questions and make sure you are in the database.

For you SBS consultants that aren’t even a registered partner… get your buns on over to and register yourselves!

For you Gold Certified Partners that may get some potential SBSers calling you, make sure you treat those SBSers right.  If any one of them find their way into the SBS newsgroup and I hear you tried to talk them out of SBS…. just remember… they could end up turning into me…..that’ll keep you awake at night, won’t it?


One Response to Next time, Barbara, just call me

  1. Amy Babinchak - Harbor Computer Services says:

    Call me is right. Getting registered into all of the places that you need to enter in information as a partner to make sure that you end up on every list created, moved and deleted by someone at Microsoft is a difficult as keeping track of software licensing nuances.

    I’m a registered partner and not listed on the new site. Go figure. When I view all, and look down the list I see a others are missing too. At least I’m in good company.