So it all started when in the mail the other day I get a letter and card from Microsoft saying “RE:  Your Open Value License Agreements”.  Hmmm… that’s interesting…this is the first I’ve gotten that.  And it tells me to check out for info on benefits, deployment resources, software release calendar, etc.  Then a couple of days ago I get an email from Tom Saccomando with and he sends along a confirmation of my SA benefits…the ones that I HAVEN’T yet taken avantage of.  So I hop onto my Microsoft Volume licensing page, where all my codes and what not are located and sure ’nuff I now have some Conceirge benefits and elearning coming my way, ones that I had missed getting activated.

I must say that now that I let Softwareone handle the issues, I’m not as confused about licensing. Don’t get me wrong I still think sometimes because Microsoft tries to be flexible for the big guys, it ends up being confusing for us little guys. 

The problem is down here we are ‘as the joke goes’, an inch wide and a mile deep, and thus cannot be the experts in EVERYTHING.  Sometimes using external resources is really the true way to better understand rather than taking your valuable time and energy.  

Before I forget it, I HUGE thanks to Eric Ligman who first turned me on to the folks. 

Hey!  I’ll mark this post another in the “Vendors who get SBS” because truly do.    


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