I don’t mean to be this way.  But I am.  I don’t know why.  Haven’t really stopped to analyze it.

Show me a fellow SBSer who truly ‘gets’ SBS and chances are, they will be the same way.  There’s a fierce pride in being an SBSer.

Don’t call me a person who knows Windows Server.  Or Exchange.  Or ISA Server.  Or SQL.  Or Office.  Or Outlook.  Or Windows XP.  But here’s the crazy thing, I can answer questions in a lot of those categories.  But that’s not what I am.  I’m an SBSer.

Call SBS 2003 a ‘limited version of Windows 2003 because it doesn’t have Terminal server in application mode’ and I’ll tell you we’re the smarter more secure version of Windows 2003.  But lump SBS 2003 in with Windows 2003 in a tech forum and I’ll call you crazy.

To all of you out there who hang out in forums that are traditionally not SBSized where I hang out… I have to truly give you credit for putting yourselves on the line.  One such person is fellow SBS MVP Nick Whittome, who day in and day out in the Mark Minasi forums puts up with a bit of ribbing about SBS and for a long time had to constantly defend the product.

Another is a fellow California resident like me, Jeff Kane who is over in Experts Exchange trying to get them to open up a SBSized forum.  Looks like right now they have no SBS forum so the questions are posted all over the place rather than a separate forum.  I don’t mean to be mean, but if you guys over there are truly supposed to be a forum where “experts’ exchange information, I must say when I’ve googled SBS solutions and hit the answers in that forum, I’ve cringed at times.  It just drives me totally insane with folks coming from the Enterprise space down to SBS do not follow the wizards, do not take the time to read the documentation, think they know what the heck they are doing and end up screwing up a SBS install.  I’m not saying that all the posts are like that but truly, I hope that the folks at Experts-Exchange do listen to Jeff.  We’re getting to be a big enough marketplace that they need to have a forum for SBS.  While we “ARE“ the same, we “ARE’ different and there are times that folks too used to the manual way may not set it up the SBS way.

The post that Jeff points to in fact… where someone without a SBS box is giving advice on setting up Outlook over http when the step by step information is inside the SBS box and further expanded on by M&M on the Smallbizserver.net website, is an example where people who don’t understand the product are making it harder than it should be. 

I’m not saying that we SBSers always get it right in telling our fellow SBSers how to do things, in fact I was telling someone tonight in fact that I’d rather have someone nicely wack me upside the head when I screw up and get something wrong, and I certainly couldn’t answer questions on Server clustering or Front end/back end Exchange and what not, so having your own ‘place’, your own space where you know that you’ll get the appropriate answer from folks who understand where you are coming from goes a long way to end some of the frustrations out there both from the client and the customer. 

To Nick who single handedly does the SBSized forum in Minasi’s web site …attaboy.

To Jeff… I wish you luck my friend in getting your own space for SBS.  If you get it… let me know… I just might visit there.  Until then, I’ll stay in my communities where we’re a lot more SBSized.


4 Responses to Here’s to a SBSer getting a bit of html to call SBSized

  1. Stevereno says:

    Another SBS Forum! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Before I built my first SBS2000 server all my recent experience was on the enterprise side

    I rebuilt that SBS server 3 or 4 times because of enterprise thinking untill…..

    I read this post from a SBSer that is sometimes refered to as a Diva and she proclaimed the power of the Wizards.

    Now that I have abandoned my enterprise ways and starting to use the wizards as much as possible my SBS reliability has gone through the roof.

    Thank you Susan

  2. amy says:

    I think that it’s important that we have a seat at the table for each of the components that make up SBS. These folks operate mostly in the Enterprise space so small biz needs are only put into place after the fact. That’s one of the reasons why we are always last on the patch and new feature list. Once the SBS team gets hold of it, they turn out some wonderful stuff but wouldn’t it be better if they were in from ground zero?

    Ditto for the newsgroups out there. SBS suffers from lots of disinformation put out from both ends. The Enterprise don’t like us because we bend the rules they are so stuck on and the home PC/tech turned semi-pro doesn’t like us because he doesn’t understand the product well enough to make an intelligent decision.

    As a consultant perhaps my perspective is a little different than yours because I do have to deal with the IT and home tech snobs day in and day out. As a user (abeit a super duper one) you have the option of staying in SBS safe territory but I’d argue that anyone running a professional consulting business shouldn’t be so insultated.

  3. Susan says:

    There are times however that the consultant needs SBSized information and not slightly incorrect instructions from a consultant that doesn’t know SBS.

  4. Well, I knew this post was lingering around this blog somewhere, so I decided to search for it and provide the update…

    On December 29, 2005, well over a year since I began asking for it… Experts-Exchange finally added a separate Topic Area for SBS.

    Since I had already posted over 4,000 comments to the site, mostly on the area of SBS, and probably since I had also achieved the level of SAGE (half a million points!) for Server 2003 — also mostly for SBS, EE asked me to be the page editor for the new Topic Area.

    I had hesitated at first because of the frustration that many have had with the site, and wondered if I should be associated with it. But I already was… and there are still many, many SBS-o-phytes that need help there. So I couldn’t say no.

    Take a look sometime, and feel free to join in. You’ll notice that many of my postings direct askers to this blog, to smallbizserver.net’s articles, or astonishingly to the help files on their very own SBS (Most don’t know that you can search the Microsoft KB right from Help & Support!).


    Jeffrey B. Kane