Answering another question from the mailbag tonight.  Part II actually.  One about Scripts and I thought I’d also mention our other annoying ‘feature’ of SBS.

Let’s face it SBS has a few … well… eccentricities.  One that “LanWench” from the newsgroups loves is how SBS really doesn’t want you to mess with a couple of things:

  • Scripts [well you can but there are certain guidelines] and
  • Organizational units [one of our built in ones to be exact]

Heaven forbid you should rename or move SBS’s main Organizational unit.  You see quite a few scripts and wizards on SBS 2003 depend on that so just ‘leave it alone’.  It’s way better to create a new organizational unit in group policy and go from there.  So don’t mess with the My Business OU is our first eccentricity.

Our next is our login script.  The SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT is located on the \windows\sysvol\domain\scripts subdirectory and right now, mine contains just this:

\\DOMAIN\Clients\Setup\setup.exe /s DOMAIN

That second one is the script for Trend in case you are wondering.

Kevin has the exact how to for adding ‘more things’ to that script on his blog.  Don’t forget you can also use Con2prt.exe to connect to network printers via scripts.  But don’t delete it… work with it and add to it like Kevin showcases.

Work with our eccentricities and you find you’ll soon learn to get at least used to them .


2 Responses to See it’s like this…. don’t mess with “My Business”

  1. For the scripts, I put in a second line which says:

    call %logonserver%\netlogon\common.bat

    then the SBS logon script is NEVER touched again – all amendments are placed in the common.bat script alongside it.

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