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I have a name inside that is different than the name outside.  I want my name that I give to my trusted people to be different than the name I give to outsiders.  In fact, the shorter and cleaner it is, the better off I am to my admin.  What am I talking about?

Computer names and domain names.

In SBSland the computer names you assign to the workstations are the names that will show up in the Remote Web Workplace window.  Don’t make those too cryptic for your end users so they don’t know which workstation to connect to.

Don’t make the computer name of your server so long and icky that for three years while you run your SBS 2000 box you curse yourself for naming it the name with a year.  Dumb.. so dumb… dumb!  [Yes, I’ll admit to being that stupid about naming my server’s computer name something that I regretted for three years]

And don’t worry that the ‘domain name’ you name your network…that .local thingy or the .lan thing doesn’t match your email domain.  It doesn’t matter.  In fact the more generic you make this, the easier it makes it not be an issue if the firm decides to change or sell their name.  When the client comes to you and says “We just renamed our business from “This is a cool name for a” to “This is an even MORE cool name for a” all you will need to do to change the email addresses is to rerun the connect to internet wizard and change the information there. 

You can also change the ‘branding’ of the Remote Web Workplace as well with a reg edit


But you never ever want to go into a Small Business Server box and change the computer name, nor run a dcpromo and change the domain name.  Too many ‘active directory glue spots’ will break.

[thanks Ray Fong for that RegEdit reminder!]


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