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On March 27, 2005, in news, by

I’m not one of these, but I need their talents.

I’m not one of these, but I rely on them.

I’m not one of these, but I value their expertise.

But sometimes, I need more information targeted for ME and not for them.  What am I?  I’m an admin, not a coder.  I’m a CTO, not a developer.

And the blogosphere [if I’m reading this right] just acknowledged the different between my world and theirs.

The Microsoft blogs used to all be on MSDN, that’s the Microsoft Developer Network….but, you see, I’m not a Dev, I need admin-y stuff.  But now I think Microsoft just started a place for “us” to start watching the blogs for ‘my world”.

Technet has opened up [I think you call it a soft opening] of their TechNet blogs.

Just in time before TechEd in Orlando comes the place where us admin geeks can follow the latest and not get posts that talk about Hungarian coding and posts about VB classic versus .NET.  Don’t get me wrong, I find such posts interesting, but when you have a blog that spits out discussions of how to handle something managed code versus unmanaged code, and they put that gunky stuff [as I call code] in the blog posts, I start saying to the waiter “Check please? It’s time for me to move on to another blog”.

Bottom line now I think I’ll be able to find more ‘admin-y’ posts directly. I’ll keep watching if what I think they are doing is what they are doing. 

So you Microsoft folks that aren’t of the Dev world?  Start blogging folks, because you now have a home just of your very own.


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