How about just working?

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With my “I’m going to be patient and see if this works today” cap on I’m surfing over to’s web site to see if I can update my credit card today.  Last night I was about to throttle some Java web site coders.


I can log in fine, go over to make payments online…I can go into preferences, then into update my credit card.  I’ve entered my credit card information… here we go about to see if they got their stupid Java site working [I think it’s java anyway…if it’s some other web coding let me appeared to be a jsp page]


Ah… yes as you can see below… they haven’t fixed it.


Now while I can understand that their web site admin folks probably don’t want to work on the weekend, but it is a bit annoying that their web site isn’t working.


For all of our ‘this has more security than that platform’ religious wars that seem to go on around security, the bottom line is that Fedex is getting real close to losing my business. 


Right now I don’t care about security, I don’t care what platform you are on, just FIX it so I can update my credit card and ship what I need to when I need to.  {I still owe Charlie Russel a Microsoft Bob that I have that I’ve been meaning to send to him and just keep forgetting to do it}


Man do I hate logging in to all the online places and updating credit card information.  I’ve got quite a few ‘auto pay’ things set up and it’s a pain in the rear to dig up all of the places to go in and update [assuming I remember the password I used for the site in the first place]


So Charlie?  As soon I get my credit card updated…and Fedex gets their web site working expect a Bob on your doorstep.


The RFC info is cool, but guys?  How about just working?






Error 500–Internal Server Error

From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1:


10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.


2 Responses to How about just working?

  1. Bil Simser says:

    Microsoft Bob! What? Here I was about to convert all my ASP.NET web apps to support Avalon and then along comes this gem. I’m sure all of my users will be able to quickly pick up on this UI like white on rice.

    Hmmm. Can’t find it online anywhere. Can’t find it at Best Buy either.

    <later that evening>

    Hmmm. Can’t find it on the Micrsoft store either. What gives?

    I think you should send me a copy so I can pitch it to my CTO for approval to replace that crappy XP interface we have now.

  2. Charlie Russel says:

    Shhhh. Susan, don’t you know that BOB is ultra-secret? Now you’ve gone and done it, EVERYONE will want one.