America West has this feature that you can go to the Internet, log in and print out the boarding pass. So the guy at the office who is in Arizona gets ready to fly back, goes online just like he did at the office, checks in, confirms his booking and goes to confirm it and realizes…….

Um…He has no printer.

Now I have seen printers that offered IP based printing in the hotel rooms [but I’ve never been quite confortable with that], but he didn’t have any such options. 

 I guess you “could” cart around a portable photo printer, or as I was joking with him as he related the story, print it to Adobe PDF and then when he got to the Airport, turn on the laptop and say “here’s my pass”, but somehow the instructions on the print out that says ‘cut here’ might not work on a laptop screen…you’d have to have some really sharp scissors to cut the pdf off the screen, me thinks.

Speaking of airports, someone mentioned that they lost their roller blade allen wrench going through security…. ‘course… I have to wonder about someone that packs roller blades for business trips [seriously they probably just forgot it in their pocket], and my sister one time had to mail back an manicure kit that she forgot in a carryon bag.  She forgot and threw it in there at the last minute.  Fortunately she had enough time to get out of the security line and find a mailboxes etc in the airport but I guess the world is a little safer from Allen wrench and Fingernail file toting Airplane passengers.

In case you are wondering, the list is here of prohibited items and ‘lighters’ were just added to the list.  Now mind you, I’m not so sure that given that anything “I” can’t stick in carryons I now place in checked bags that I want a butane lighter in a checked bag…. to me that doesn’t sound too brilliant of an idea as well.  It’s clear from the list that you aren’t even suppose to check it.  So just remember folks… when traveling… check those cattle prods and brass knuckles.  It interesting that it does say that fingernail files can go in carryons.  Go figure.

Bottom line..just remember there are limits sometimes as to how truly portable you can be.


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  1. Charlie Russel says:

    Your link for prohibited items in airline luggage is seriously USA centric! This list is ONLY accurate for _internal_ USA flights. International flights originating or ending in the US are much more at the discretion of the individual airline and usually more restrictive than either end of the flight. And Canadian rules are very different – see for a list of prohibited items on Canadian originating flights. Another version of this, with better detail is at: