One of my long time SBS mentors and ‘big brothers’ Cris Hanna is starting a SBS partner group in the St. Louis area.  Join him online and in person for a ‘in face’ community.  I still remember the first time I met him in person with my fellow SBS MVPs, Cris found me talking to a bunch of FoxPro mvps, tucked me under his wing and started the introductions to people I’d never met in person but already had a bond with.

It’s the “bounce” factor.  Talking to someone who works in the same area you work in, does what you do, sees what you see.  Join Cris for a bit of live community.  I think you find he’ll tuck you under his wing and make you feel as welcome as he did me.

For more information on this group or to communicate with others using SBS in the St. Louis area:




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