How to Shutdown

On March 29, 2005, in Security, Tools, by

Ever notice how there’s like four or five ways to do the same thing?

I posted about my Remote Web Workplace experience and wanted to know if there was a way to remotely shut down.  Matt posted in the comments “shutdown.exe” but there’s a couple more.

Handy Andy said Start> run> “shutdown -r“

For one, once I have that Control-Alt-End which is the remote desktop equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete [the infamous three fingered salute — no relationship to David just happen to share the same name]…bingo, I have a button there that says “shutdown”. 


Then Chad and Marina said, click on Start and Windows Security and sure ’nuff in a RDP session, Windows Security…which is the shortcut to the screen that gives you task manager, shut down, log off, etc. is right there. [Which is of course the same solution pointed out to me by Dave in the post that started this whole exercise in the first place  — that once you RDP into a session either via RWW or onto a server, that the Windows Security shortcut is right there, just a mouse click away]

Learn something new every day!


2 Responses to How to Shutdown

  1. BobP says:

    Instead of Control-Alt-End you could also just right click the task bar at the bottom of the screen – one of the choices on the menu is task manager.

  2. Neil says:

    I’ve found that a couple of workstations fail to shutdown using the described methods, so I generally use TSSHUTDN when using RDP.


    Never failed 😀