Really we’re not shouting!

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Someone in my office learned today that when she was Internal IMing the guy in the office and she used all CAPS [because you see in the tax software program she was using it’s normal for us to use all caps] that she was shouting at him.

She didn’t know that there’s this ‘rule of online’ etiquette that grew out of email etiquette

Send an e-mail in all UPPER-CASE. Use of upper-case words is the equivalent of shouting in some one’s ear. ONLY use upper-case words when trying to make a point (such as I just did). Even at that, you should be careful with who you are exchanging messages.“

For your clients that are email newbies, you might like to let them know of these unwritten/written rules of online etiquette.  Obviously they don’t need to learn l33t speak or anything like that but just a nice friendly ‘here’s what others expect of you online” is nice.



One Response to Really we’re not shouting!

  1. Gene says:

    Anyone who complains that all caps constitutes shouting needs to grow up and get a life. More political correctness run amok.