The icons got a bit messy today

On March 29, 2005, in news, by

One of the issues with Remote Web Workplace and especially with the interaction with a dual monitor system is the reality of ‘letting go of static icon location”.

Take this morning for example, I went to log back into RWW and there’s a brief moment where there’s a black screen and a blinking icon as the desktop ‘takes back control’ from the closed remoted session….well.. it’s supposed to be brief anyway.  This morning it got stuck on that black screen and I had to do a hard reboot.  And man, did the icons on the desktop not like that one bit.

Now 1/2 of my icons are on the other screen.  Normally I fix this by going into display properties, pulling the display back to merely one screen and then reenabling the second screen.  That’s probably the one thing you really need to kinda get use to when dealing with dual monitors.

Get over the ‘My icons must be IN THAT EXACT SPOT”.  Get used to them kinda blowing up and moving around every now and then.

One other burning unanswered question that I had about RWW that is now answered [thanks to SuperG and Dave] is how to do a control-alt-delete on RWW.

SuperG:  Control-Alt-End

Dave:  Windows Security icon in the start menu that brings up the Control-Alt-Delete dialog.

Oooh I forgot to ask if RWW can be rebooted remotely. That’s another one of my questions.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to The icons got a bit messy today

  1. Matt Gibson says:

    Use shutdown.exe 🙂

  2. CTRL-SHIFT-ESC is my fav in any remote session.