Cannot connect to Sharepoint

On March 31, 2005, in news, by

In the mailbox tonight [one last post….] Carl asks “ I couldn’t connect from outside the router to the SBS2003 through Sharepoint. From inside, everything works fine. I turned on port 443 and 4125 on the router. How do I troubleshoot this?“

And Carl…your email address wasn’t right so it bounced back…so I’m blogging back the answer.  Figure it’s more productive then sending the email I’d really like to send to the Windows Update team right about now anyway…..

Remember if standard….port 444 also needs to be open from the outside on the router for Sharepoint.

If Premium there’s a KB with instructions to get it to go through ISA…it’s also here in the blog.

And that’s it for the blog posts tonight folks…see ya tomorrow.



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