Dear Diva…Rejected in Greenwich

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Dear Diva:

I got a “Dear Ehlo” letter last night….seems I was rejected.  No hint of a problem in our relationship just all of a sudden he hits me with a #5.5.0 error.  We were going along fine in the relationship and then this.  <Helo command rejected: invalid HELO usually associated with SPAM> is all he sends me. 

How should I go about repairing this relationship.

Signed…. Rejected in Greenwich.

Dear Rejected:

First off have a kleenix and dry your eyes dear, you are not the first to get a #5.5.0 rejection, nor will you be the last. 

A #5.5.0 rejection is defined as follows:

Possible Cause: Generic protocol error (SMTP error). e.g. The remote SMTP response to our EHLO with an 500 level error and the sending system will QUIT the connection and report this with NDR indicating the remote SMTP server can not handle the protocol. (For example, if a Hotmail account is no longer active, a 550 SMTP error will occur.)

Troubleshooting: Run SMTP Log or netmon trace to see why the remote SMTP server rejects the protocol request.

But your real issue is with you dear.

Sit down.  We need to talk.  You need to have a change in yourself first.  You aren’t being true to yourself and your domain name.  You need to make sure that everything in your SMTP setup is as it should be.  If you can’t make the necessary changes to you.. you need to do a Smarthost setup and change the way you are set up.

Right now you are advertising your domain name in that email header as <FF-EXCHANGE.domain-us.local> and that’s why you are being rejected.  Your header needs to match your real domain name.  You can rerun the connection wizard or follow the KB article.  Eriq has a great blog entry to do more personal soul searching to find out what you need to fix.

But we have to start fixing you first.  You are the real problem here.  I hope this helps, keep me posted on how the relationship works out.


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