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  No, I’m not talking about XP Home computers.. I’m talking about ‘home computers.   Tom in the mailbox asks if I work on home computers and what do I do when a clients asks you to?  Tom says he used to do it on the side but is getting tired of it.

They are pretty gunked up aren’t they Tom?  And yet they won’t let you do what you really need to do which is flatten those boxes and start over because they really don’t have a good backup strategy for home systems.

I know that I do indeed support home computers of the folks here at the office… of my neighbors….of my clients……but it does indeed get a little annoying when you can’t truly do to those machines what you want to do. 

I know that while I count the ‘physical’ computers here at the office, I also count the computers at home of the people that work in the office under my supervision as well.  Their ‘health’ affects my network’s health.  In my mind, at this time with the Remote Web Workplace, my major concern is someone not following my firms policy and using a kiosk computer to log in.  I’ve set passwords appropriately, my issue is more of a people one.  I mandate that they must use firm equipment when making a remote connection or only a home computer that I’ve handed them antivirus and what not on the machine.  While my 2×4 security device works well, there will come a day that I’d like to have some better technology enforcing how folks log in rather than a piece of Douglas Fir.

On another note, I personally haven’t used the VPN connection into the office in such a long time I’m thinking of closing off the connection.  A VPN connection back into an office from a home computer can be and has been a major risk if the machine tunneling in was infected with worms and viruses.  Remember too of the added benefit in the RWW connection isn’t making a drive connection between my computer and that of the office, the VPN split tunnel effect that is a concern isn’t going on.

Remember your big issues with Home computers discussed in a how Microsoft does remote access are….

  • Unmanaged and infected remote devices put corporate resources at risk

  • Viruses, trojans, worms

  • Home users machines are a frequent hacker target

So many times in SBSland the question comes up when a VPN connection is made from home that they can’t surf the Internet.  But you need to understand what is going on.  You are bridging back from that potentially infected machine into your network.

Think of those home machines you’ve cleaned up…. you really want ‘that’ on your network?

So…..how many ‘home’ computers…not XP Home computers…. do you support?


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  1. Chris Norris says:

    I managed to get a 250Gb external USB hard disk – perfect for backing up the hard disk before wiping it clean on someones spyware and virus clogged PC – I’m working on a ghost boot-cd so I can backup the worst case – a non booting PC!

    Love your work SBS Diva – keep it up! Chris N.