The gang forwarded this to me.  For those seeing the Star Wars movie it might help you out tomorrow.

I’m thinking about packing my talking Yoda and taking him with me to Big Newport theater.

um….really I’m harmless….well….most of the time anyway…..


2 Responses to In case you need a little assistance for tomorrow

  1. Bil Simser says:

    Hmmm, the Geek Squad note didn’t seem to work as I thought it would and I’ve now been docked 2 hours, thirteen minutes, and eleven seconds of pay (which amounts to about .82 CDN for a high-priced SharePoint MVP like me). Maybe next time I’ll try my Jedi mind trick on them.

  2. See what a little directory hacking will get you?

    It seems that all of the geeksquad employees are also in elementary school.