The release notes  and install notes for the SBS 2003 sp1 is hitting the download site, which must mean that the service pack is about ready to be declared “done”.  Take this time to READ THEM.

And yes, there it is…

and especially read this BUT REMEMBER… ths document is primarily geared towards folks that have customized SBS boxes…if you have done little to no customizations, the only things you need to worry about is enough hardrive space [2 gigs or more] and shutting off antivirus… if you are ‘normal’ SBS and not one of wackos, you should be just fine….


Hi all,

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack is available for download. 

On the SBS MVP’s have written a document that assists you in installing SBS 2003 SP1. These documents and the forum are only accessible by registered users. Become a registered user on and enjoy the benefits. 

How to install Service Pack 1 for SBS 2003: We have a forum where you can discuss SBS 2003 SP1:

Mariëtte Knap & Marina Roos
Microsoft SBS-MVP
The Magical M&M’s


2 Responses to Just a reminder… READ… I MEAN READ

  1. Anders says:

    Is it posible to slipstream the SP into the SBS2003 CD-set?

  2. Susan says:

    Not easily that I know of