I like ice cream.  Ice cream without nuts.  My favorite is homemade vanilla ice cream.  A smidge of orange flavoring and it’s clean, crisp taste doesn’t even need any topping at all.

I hate Rocky Road icecream.  Nuts… ugh… hate them even in cookies.  Don’t mind them all by themselves, but not in cakes or desserts.

And that’s the explanation for all the ‘look out fors’ that are talked about in the “how to install SBS 2003 sp1” document on the www.smallbizserver.net site. 

For someone who’s got a clean, crisp, homemade vanilla SBS 2003, you’ll do just fine and never see any of the issues discussed on that page.  For OEM folks, I would argue your main issues should be two things… turn off antivirus and watch the space on your c: drive.

For someone who’s customized the heck out of their SBS 2003, set up new instances, removed folders, not let the wizard install, watch out for those icky nuts in the ice cream.  I try to eat around the nuts when I’m stuck with Rocky Road ice cream.

So, don’t get me wrong, you should still plan for this service pack, have a backup, shut off antivirus [and unplug the internet], watch your c: drive space, the issues discussed on that page are extremes.  It’s not homemade vanilla with orange liquor that’s for sure. 


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