So which processor should I get?

On May 20, 2005, in news, by

Went to Fry’s tonight.. you know..the geek version of Disneyland …and was looking to upgrade my poor home workstation that’s getting a bit ancient.  So looking at the processors there we were looking at AMD versus Intel and it was sort of a toss up between the two.  I’m thinking I might want to make sure the board supports 64 as well as 32, and possibly look into the DEP protection stuff.  Fortunately, I have a fellow geek that is really into hardware [has a tivo, media center edition, and about 5 computers here] so we were motherboard/chipset comparing at Frys.  

He has the ability to view media content from any device on the network here at home.  Kinda kewl.

Just a heads up …blogging will be a bit light as tomorrow evening is the Star Wars movie get together.


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