You know the story of Star Wars ….that Anakin was destined to bring ‘balance to the force’, and the phrase ‘bring balance’ is something that even Bill Gates is talking about.  As I’m blogging from the train, around me are folks on cell phones, laptops, dvd players playing and what not.

Just the same week that Bill Gates talks about “information overload“, a friend sends a message that he’s tuning out for a bit to bring a bit of balance back in his life.  You read the story of how email is like being on marijuana as far as attention spans and what not?

I think that’s the mode we’re in right now aren’t we?  We have this 24×7 world that we’ve built and now we’re asking ourselves, hmmmm…. maybe we haven’t done such a good thing after all?  Maybe realizing that technology is just an aid to make our lives better, but not our lives should be something that we all think of.

Finding the balance…. just the right amount of technology without it being too much.  What do you do to find that spot?



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