Leave it to SBSers to be on the cutting edge…we already have one asking about getting an 64bit OS working behind SBS and ISA Server.  Well the good news is that you can using SecureNAT, the bad news is you can’t using the ISA firewall client.  In a nutshell, make sure the default gateway is the SBS server.

Although SecureNAT clients do not require special software, you must configure their default gateway so that all traffic destined to the Internet is sent by way of ISA Server either directly or indirectly, through a router. SecureNAT clients be configured to use an ISA Server computer as their default gateway, or they can be configured to use a router (or chain of routers) whose default gateway is an ISA Server computer. You can configure clients either by using the DHCP service or manually.

P.S.  The world will be 64 bit in due time… so if our young Padawan from the newsgroup would just be a bit more patient…


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