In the newsgroup today came the post “SP1 – any good installs?” and I had to laugh a bit.  First off, I’d say most sane folks are ordering the cdroms and waiting for the media, but keep in mind, the newsgroup is after all..for tech support you know.  When’s the last time you ran to the newsgroup and yelled out “Hey Windows update worked perfectly!” or how about “I rebooted just fine!“.  See what I mean?  We don’t see the good results, just the problem ones.  So a few days after the SP was released and what’s the biggest things we’ve seen so far?

In general, I think I can sum up the preliminary report as follows:  When you haven’t been an SBSer, you’ve gotten into issues with this service pack.

What am I talking about?  You didn’t let the install put everything in the system and you customized your install. We see when Outlook isn’t installed, the service pack will actually complete properly but will indicate a failure.  We see when Sharepoint or Monitoring in moved in an unusual way, the service pack doesn’t know where to go to find it.  In my own personal case, I totally blew it when I forgot and left on antivirus and didn’t manually disable it for the entire install process.   Unplug the RJ45, disable the antivirus, reboot the system so the a/v is not in memory and THEN install the service pack.  My ISA server installation got a smidge stuck on IISadmin being held ‘on’ by Trend antivirus. 

Just remember, in the folder under Program Files\Microsoft Integration\Windows Small Business Server\ you will find the files: Eventlog.txt, Errorlog.txt and Setup.log.  Review the last few entries in each looking for error messages.

Again the main things to keep in mind for a standard vanilla install is watch the harddrive space and disable the antivirus.  Other than that, ask yourself… how good of an SBSer have you been with this box?  If you’ve been a good SBSer… we probably won’t hear from you.  If you haven’t been a good SBSer, well then, we’ll keep the light on for ya.


13 Responses to Any good installs of SBS 2003 sp1, the newsgrouper asked?

  1. Fredrik says:

    No issues here. We installed in two servers without any visible problem so far. But, we run this servers without ISA or Antivirus software installed. The SQL Server SP4 was installed too and the SharePoint instance was updated. Run backup and make a ghost of your server before trying. Have a nice day.

  2. Robert MacLean says:

    Why are most sane folks waiting for the CD?

    Any big reasons/differences etc…

  3. Matt(SBSDisciple) says:

    definitly more waiting than installing here… both the SP1 CD-ROM’s we ordered are backordered now…

    I guess it’s more waiting now….

  4. Susan says:

    I’ve had instances where a download has gotten corrupted and since I’m Premium…. you need the cdroms for that.

  5. Ken Gardner says:

    Just a question concerning the SP1…most of us I’m guessing have the XP firewall disabled since we are all running a network with some other sort of firewall applicance or software. Personally I am using a SonicWall, but that’s neither here nor there. My main question, why would we want to utilize the XP firewall at all on our clients if we have some other method of protecting the network at the perimeter? It just seems as if having KB872769 as part of SBS SP1 is redundant and not needed. I have the XP firewall and Security center disabled via GP, don’t want them, don’t use them. Will any of the included hotfixes that apply to either override my GP and re-enable those services?



  6. Bob's Big Boy says:

    I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

    Like most users of any product, political view, etc. I troll the forums I am interested in all the time. If someone asks, "What do you think of this?" I might be inclined to answer. So, what’s the dif with, "Any good installs…"

  7. Susan says:

    Don’t assume that we are running with the firewall disabled. On here and loving the fact that there is no reason that my workstations 64,000 ports need to be ready and willing to be nailed by each other. I’m using the XP sp2 internal firewall to add ‘onion layers’ on the inside.

    The bad stuff isn’t just ‘out there’…we also need to protect when we get it inside here.

    Try it… you’ll find that you don’t even realize it’s there.

    I just had to laugh about it because we don’t normally post good experiences…just bad one 🙂

  8. Rick F says:

    Hi Susan.

    I was the one that asked if there was any good installs with SP1. I don’t think the question was out of line and I fully understand that the newsgroup is where the majority of people post when they have issues. I was trying to get a feeling that SP1 did work for some and thought I would also like to hear about some good experiences. The SBS newsgroup is different than any other one that I go to, it is like a community where anybody can ask anything and actually get responses, I enjoy that. I have posted and seen posted things that are not problems but how something went well to share.

    Everyone is saying don’t install SP1 now but wait to see what happens when everyone else installs it. Great idea but if everybody waited for everyone else, then no one would be installing it. I thought it would be good for the community to see the good too.

    Sorry for making you laugh…


  9. Susan says:

    Again, I only laughed because of just the way it sounded. 🙂

  10. Mario C says:

    My question is I’m running Premier Edition however I use ISA 2000 not 2004. I’m waiting for the CD. My confusions is will the CD contain the program to upgrade to ISA 2004 and don’t I need to actually buy it? Should I just install the rest of the SP and ignore the ISA 2004 part?


  11. Susan says:

    If I need Premium/ISA 2004 should I install the rest of the service pack now?:

  12. Bruce says:

    Any apparent effect (+ or – ) on Outlook and or Exchange? How about same with POP mail w/exchange?

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