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If you are from Australia or New Zealand and want to order the SBS 2003 cdrom [remember you need to order one per each client/customer you have] your information on how to order is on the “For customers in Asia and Latin America” link.

Okay folks….correct me if I’m wrong… I’ve heard the term Asia Pacific…I know that many firms consider Australia in the Asian region, but I’m just always thought Australia is just… well… it’s Australia.  But then again I’m geographically challenged and will call Ireland part of Great Britain.  It’s not, right?  Or Scotland part of England.  Um…that’s not right either is it? 

It’s no wonder I have Microsoft’s Time Zone in my system tray.  Everything that isn’t located in California’s Pacific zone..I tend to screw up time zone conversions and what not.  Sometimes us Yanks just don’t realize how rude we can be by not being geographically in tune.  So if Australia is indeed Asia, then forgive me.  I’ll still consider it that other contintent down there that looks like a Scotty dog until someone tells me I’m wrong and have been unintentionally rude once again.


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  1. Fred Pullen says:

    Wow, that was fast. It seems to say "Asia and Australia" now.

    Still making a difference, I see! 🙂

  2. Tim Barrett says:

    That’s really cool! Thanks for the download! Any way to increase the entries above 5?

  3. Graeme Smith says:

    Actually (and bear with me on this – you will get my point at the end):

    The British Isles are the two main landmasses and countless islands that make up Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland (both political parts), and the Isle of Man.

    Great Britian is a bit nebulous these days – It really refers to the above definition PRE the partition of The Irish Free State (also known as Eire and now the Irish Republic) in 1921. Then it was known as "The United Kingdom of Great Britiain and Ireland".

    The political entity that now exists post 1921 is known as "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and NORTHERN Ireland"

    Still with the Scottish Parliament being reformed in 1999 – Scotland has a measure of devolved autonomy from the main body – though in matters of defence it is the Parliament in London that rules.

    Right with that all as clear as mud – it is all made perfectly clear in new Microsoft Software releases. When you register the software (what do you mean – you don’t register software?…..) you can pick from Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland as your choices. Presumably Uncle Bill has a crystal ball and can see where the political entity is headed!

  4. Graeme Smith says:

    PS – as a Scot – We are mortally offended if you call us "English". You are likely to find us tearing the thatch off your cottage roof and wielding the claymore with great might and main – and that is just for starters!

  5. hey Susan,

    We are part of Antartica at times and Asia at other times. So much for learning the contenents in 4th grade geography hey <g>. Oh and sometimes we are called part of Oceania. Confussing hey ?

    Fred: the page that links ot that page :
    still says "For customers in Asia and Latin America you can obtain contact information here "