Dear ZDnet:

On May 24, 2005, in Rants, by

Dear ZDnet ..when posting a headline could you include the

words “known PATCHED flaw”… just a FYI. 

You make the headline sound like this flaw is NEW

and it’s something that’s not been patched, but

it’s been fixed since like LAST JULY.


Hello people … you know that most of these computer

issues we’re still seeing these days are due to NOT PATCHING?


Online extortionists exploit a known flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Web browser to download and run a malicious program.


One Response to Dear ZDnet:

  1. Carl Martine says:

    Even more amazing is that the ZDnet author chose not to get any comment from Microsoft, nor refer the reader to the fix or

    If this were a vulnerability in Firefox, and not IE, I’m sure we would have heard from a Mozilla talking-head and given specific advice on how to secure your system from the flaw.