So why are we saying to order the premium CDroms and wait for them before installing SBS 2003 sp1? 

First off, you can’t just use any old ISA lying around, you need the SBS-wrapped version.  This patch will ensure your ISA 2000 rules are retained during the installation as it exports them out and pulls them back into ISA 2004.  [Make sure you disable antivirus and shut it down during this part as my Trend didn’t play nice-nice with this part of the install].

Next, you can’t put the other parts on first and then wait for ISA 2004 without messing up your ISA 2000 and Outlook over http.  You do this now and you’ll need this hotfix to fix that issue for ISA 2000.  Which you could do…. but I’m lazy and would rather do it in one sitting is all.

So that’s one of the reasons that we’re saying for Premium to order the cdroms.  And yes, you’ll need to order one per client, unfortunately.

Chad ran into an issue with his self signed certificates in ISA and Outlook over http so you proabably will want to export out that and re-import back in [or something along those lines] if you rely on Outlook over http and your end users have already set up the certificates and what not.  Not a biggie but just a inconvience that needs a heads up so you are forewarned before you install ISA.


2 Responses to So why wait for SBS 2003 premium cdroms?

  1. JP says:

    Hi there, I just waited like everyone else to order the CDs, but it seems we cannot get it from France…and as far as know, we’re not in Asia 😉

    Any ideas on that ?

  2. SiM says:

    Well, but if ISA did not installed now and 2004 with hotfixes would be installed AFTER installing SP1 (and yes – we have SQL SP4) – could we install SBS SP1 and other parts (SPS SP1 and so on) now?