One of the questions coming up in the newsgroups is ‘do we really need to order a cdrom media kit for every client I have? The order form does not allow me to order multiple copies and charging $5 fees for every transaction may put my credit card company on notice and they may think my account has been hacked or something”

First let me put on the Consultants’ viewpoint and answer that question:

It’s dumb to be ordering 20 copies of the same cdrom if it’s merely a service pack.  Therefore all I need is one copy of the media.

Now…. let me put on the Client’s viewpoint and answer that question:

My consultant sold me this server and never gave me my original media.  I think I have the original install disks, but nothing else.  That makes me kinda nervous.

See the difference?  Look at this not from YOUR view but from your CLIENTS.  I’m not saying that any of you guys reading this do any such thing, but I’ve helped a couple of customers get replacement cdroms because their consultant never left behind any media.  That customer for whatever reason left that consultant, and the fact that they now see that there’s either no media …or the service packs are on burned in cdroms…well it just opens the door for that client to badmouth your business practices.

So… if I were in your shoes…I’d look at ordering cdrom media as a good business practice for your clients.

If you are having issues ordering, or getting an error registering you can call the support number:

Product Registration Error: Unable to verify Product Key. (9090)
Please contact your Microsoft Support Center
For U.S. and Canada – 1-800-360-7561
For Europe, Middle East and Africa –


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