Savez-vous quand SBS 2003 sp1 sera disponible en France? …which if Google Translation did it right…means “Do you know when SBS 2003 sp will be available in France?”

If you notice on the SBS 2003 order page there are two ways to order… group number one is doing it the ‘geek’ way with drop down order forms.  At this time only German and English versions of SBS 2003 sp1 are available but more are on their way and should be out soon.  I’m not sure exactly when, but normally the software is ‘localised‘, ensured it is as secure as it’s other languages and then gets shipped.

So for all of those waiting for Spanish, French, etc… be just a bit more patient.  It’s in the works.  And that’s why you only see English and German options now, and why certain countries aren’t listed.

For those in Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and Australia, you need to call.

I expect that as the three year SA customer [as opposed to the two year version] that I’ll probably get my SBS 2003 sp1 media automagically, but I’ve gone ahead and ordered a copy just in case. 

Again, for Premium customers, you must order the cdroms to get ISA 2004.

P.S. Fixed the spelling of localised and all languages are as secure as each other…except maybe the Klingon version of SBS might be a tad more secure than the others.


2 Responses to Savez-vous quand SBS 2003 sp1 sera disponible en France?

  1. Dingbat says:

    Which is the most secure language to operate SBS in?

    Can I get a localised version that spells localised correctly! 🙂

  2. Dingbat says:

    When will the Klingon version be available? 🙂

    Next I’ll try to convert you to COLOUR and FAVOURITES.

    Although my Texan friends are a bit slow on the uptake on those. I can only try.

    I suppose metric and driving on the left is out of the question?

    Keep up the good work…