The impression that some are getting is that the only patch they need is the last download called SBS 2003 sp1.  That’s an incorrect view.

You remember back in school geometry classes when you had sets and subsets?  Okay SBS 2003 sp1 is a glob of patches which are Windows 2003 sp1, Sharepoint sp1, Exchange 2003 sp1, XP sp2 client updates, and then some specific SBS patches that includes the MSDE updates.  For premium you also get another disk that has SQL Server 2000 sp4 and ISA Server 2004.  But all of those together make up the Service pack that SBS needs.

So when we went screaming to the newsgroup “don’t install Windows 2003 sp1” what we really should have been screaming is “Don’t install it just yet”  We had to have you wait because Windows 2003 SP1 all by itself would break a few things here and there and the full SBS patch bundle fixes everything back up.

You have to lay that down as a foundation ‘BEFORE’ you do the rest of the patches.  So for those of you reading in the Dell information that Windows 2003 sp1 isn’t supported on SBS 2003, Dell too should be saying “we support it IF you apply the rest of the SBS patch bundle”.

Get it now?  Just like we are made up of parts, so too is our patch.  We have normal server under the hood and need the normal server patch FIRST before we get the rest of the parts.

Now if you already patched for Sharepoint, you can skip that….and Exchange…skip that…but I’d install the XP sp2 client folder update.

Any questions?  I see that the cdroms are starting to get delivered… fun for the Memorial Day weekend!


4 Responses to So if we told you NOT to install Windows 2003 sp1…. how come we now need it on the box to install the SBS sp1?

  1. indy says:

    What the? Does this post make any sense?

  2. Susan says:

    We need Windows 2003 sp1 before you can apply the SBS specific SP1 patch.

    How else can I make it clearer than read the instructions on the Microsoft web site that tells you how to install?

    It’s a five part patch process.

  3. Tony says:

    So, what exactly are you saying with this post? Should we be applying Windows SP1, THEN applying SBS SP1? Or are you saying that just applying SBS SP1 actually has Win2k3 SP1 so don’t be alarmed when you see that part of the install, but there’s actually more going on behind the scenes?



  4. Susan says:

    Go download the SBS 2003 patch bundle which includes all the parts.

    Included in the SBS 2003 bundle is Windows 2003 sp1 and all the other pieces you need to install.

    There are 5 manual parts to this install. It’s not a glob that auto’s five parts.

    Read the documentation.