Someone in the newsgroup asked about that ‘thingy’ in the corner that is now in the system tray after the application of the Service pack.  Well for one, if you are just NOW noticing it because you never had it before…you kinda missed a critical patch along the way as this is caused by an update that came down on Windows Update ages ago.  KB 829358 is the one that brings down that \\ thingy.  But not to worry you can either just get used to it down there or delete it off.

I guess I’m a lazy bone because I’ve just ignored it. It’s only a cosmetic issue and you easily remove it from the start tray…but Windows did that one to us a long time ago… so if you’ve never had that before now… you might want to remember that second Tuesday of the month is Patch Tuesday and put in place a Patch Management process to ensure that you are getting patches on that Second Tuesday of each month.

Struck up a conversation in the plane back from Texas as a matter of fact with the lady who sat next to me who was in charge of application updates for her firm and she didn’t know that second Tuesday was patch Tuesday.  Guess I should warn people when they sit next to me on airplanes that you might get geek speak for the plane ride.



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