Okay I’m bummed.  You see I have the opportunity to go to Redmond as part of my last official act as Chairman of the Technology Committee of Caliornia Society of CPAs and I just might have the opportunity to get the book “Protect Your Windows Network:  From Perimeter to Data” signed by the authors…. except for one teensy weensy problem.  Even though Amazon says it’s released [heck they even say they have used versions of a new book for sale], the book looks like it’s not going to make it in time for me to have it for an autograph. 


Oh well, remember if you can’t be at TechEd to hear them in person, you can listen to them via a live webcast:

Steve Riley on Security policies, and Dr. Jesper Johansson on the Security Configuration Wizard.

Okay who wants to place a bet that someone is going to ask him during the presentation if you can run the SCW on SBS?

Remember that while it truly won’t ‘kill’ us, it really doesn’t do much [other than if you hit the settings to kill off Windows 98 machines, then you truly will indeed have an security impact], so don’t use this tool to harden the SBS box.  It’s pretty well tweaked for now.


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