But that will fix it right?

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When something is broken, it’s wise to fix ‘that’ before doing a work around.  I had two examples come across my desktop today.  The first was a poster on the PatchManagement.org listserve who was having issues with Mapped drives being messed up after a security patch and the way he was fixing it was to reboot the server….at first weekly…now more like daily.

….that’s not exactly the greatest fix for a issue with a patch in my book, I’d be calling Microsoft Product Support Services [remember issues with a security patch are a free call] and properly diagnosing that issue with some netmon tracing and what not.

The second was a blog poster who asked me to blog about the manual way to set up the ntbackup because if he used the wizard the server would spontaneously reboot in the middle of the night.  If they ran it by hand, it wouldn’t.

Uh… that’s not exactly a topic that I plan to blog about and I’ll tell you why…. the wizard…and all wizards on a SBS box …should world.  Remember Yoda?  Do or do not, there is no try?  Well the same holds true with the wizards.  They work.  If they don’t work, fix the fact that they aren’t working…but they should be working.

Applying a service pack on top of a broken connect to internet wizard isn’t going to fix the broken wizard.  It might reregister a dll or two, but if there is some foundational setup part wrong, applying a service pack over something that is broken isn’t going to help too much.

If something doesn’t work…google the exact error or call Microsoft Product Support Services [it’s called CSS these days…but I’ll probably always call it PSS].  Get it resolved ‘before’ the service pack install…not afterwards.


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