The Gulf Coast SMB Partners Group will hold its second meeting on the
23rd of June at 7 PM at Univ of West Fla Bldg 71 Rm 133 with Jeff
Middleton ( presenting Swing Migration and bringing a
great door prize. You are cordially invited to attend. Details and
registration at and
registration at Link is required. Please register early so we can get an
idea of attendance and seating is limited so insure your seat now!
Driving Directions link is on Registration site.


hmmm….wonder if the extension cord for the laptop will reach that far on the beach. 

Ya think?

Fellow SBS MVPer Frank McCallister is the leader of this group and brings a ton of varied and wide variety of experiences to the table.  Just reading about the stuff he’s done it the past is amazing.  Grab a beach chair, a bit of suntan lotion and say Hi to both Jeff and Frank for me, will ya?

Yeah Sean, I know… too many pictures….


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