So I’m remoting into the server at home and looking at the ISA 2004 firewall reports and build a daily report.  {Keep in mind you Premium folks need to do likewise} and the first think I need to investigate why, even with the ISA firewall client loaded, it looks like all my workstations are securenat clients.  Oh well, deal with that one later after I find an interesting item…well two actually… In the top browsers used  to access web sites it tells me in an office full of Windows XP sp2, I have Gator [uh oh… I bet I know the workstation that has that…I’ve got a troublesome workstation….hmmm …. probably need to lock that sucker down better, I have problems there] and then MSIE 5

1 MSIE 6.0 20 27019 80.60 %
2 Gator 2 5159 15.40 %
3 Unknown 27 1053 3.10 %
4 Windows Update 13 156 0.50 %
5 MSIE 5.0 1 60 0.20 %
All Others 61 0.20 %
Total 32 33508 100.00 %

MSIE 5?  5?  Is that like Win9x?  What the heck is what looks like a 9x box on my system.  Either some device… and what the heck device is that?… is reporting a wacko 9X box signature or something?

Looks like I have some investigation to do when I get back home.  I don’t have any 9x system on my network… I beat them to a pulp a long time ago.  hmmmmm….I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to Looks like I have a bit of cleaning when I get back home

  1. HandyAndy says:

    HI Bitzy,

    The ISA client is a securenat client, that is being reported correctly

    The IE 5 may be an internal browser in some funky application on of your people installed, it does not neccessarily mean someone is running 9x, I would say relax a little and enjoy your trip, but then there is that GATOR :>)