I’ve seen this a couple of times so I thought I’d repost it again

After SBS 2003 sp1 you can’t get to the backup and monitoring snap in…. you can fix it here:

842693 You receive a “HTTP 400 – Bad Request” error message when you try to
use the Monitoring and Reporting snap-in or the Backup snap-in on a Windows
Small Business Server 2003-based computer


2 Responses to Backup and Monitoring not working after SBS sp1?

  1. Lrob says:

    Hi Susan, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all of your efforts. I have the same problem above on a 2003 SBS. However, that particular fix does not work for me. And I am about to take a gun to this unit. This did happen after a service pack update and also broke the MSDE icon that sits in the system tray. Before the service pack it had the green arrow and would list the server and associated database. Now, no arrow, no database listing. It has been this way for a while and does not seem to be affecting the server operation except the backup and monitoring pages. I have looked everywhere and have tried different things. Is there anything else related to this that you know of?

    Thanks, Lrob

    P.S. I hope I am not out of place posting this here. If so, please accept my apologies.

  2. I had this same issue…after much flogging of keyboards and such, I found a solution that fit for me. Hopefully you can use it as well:

    I reloaded my saved GPO’s.

    I went to the release notes in a rare moment of desperate inspiration and saw the "Backup your policies…" Blah Blah Blah.

    So after the SP sh*tstorm , I restored them.

    Now I have Green arrows…

    Now I have correctly reported backups…