Blocking Spyware from the get go

On June 21, 2005, in Security, by

A fellow SBSer who had a client workstation hit with Coolwebsearch reminded me of a way to prevent some of these things before they wiggle their way into your network.

A blocking hosts file that stops Malware.

What you say?  The hosts file?  Yup that thing we used to edit in Windows 98 can also be used to help prevent bad things from entering.

One excellent resource is on this page.  Merely replace your host file with this file and bad things will resolve to a blank page of

A bit of a sample of it is shown below:

#start of lines added by WinHelp2002
# [Misc Add-ons][A – Z] #[Adware.ActiveSearch] #[Parasite.ActualNames][Spyware.ActualNames]


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