Title: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification
Issued: June 21, 2005

Security Advisory Updated or Released Today

* Security Advisory (902333)
 – Title: Browser Windows Without Indications of Their Origins may be Used in Phishing Attempts

 – Web site:

Technical support resources can be found at:

International customers can get support from their local Microsoft
subsidiaries. Phone numbers for international support can be found

Additional Resources:
* Microsoft has created a free monthly e-mail newsletter containing
 valuable information to help you protect your network. This
 newsletter provides practical security tips, topical security
 guidance, useful resources and links, pointers to helpful
 community resources, and a forum for you to provide feedback
 and ask security-related questions.
 You can sign up for the newsletter at:


* Microsoft has created a free e-mail notification service that
 serves as a supplement to the Security Notification Service
 (this e-mail). The Microsoft Security Notification Service:  Comprehensive Version.

It provides timely notification of any  minor changes or revisions to previously released Microsoft  Security Bulletins and Security Advisories. This new service provides notifications that are written for IT professionals and  contain technical information about the revisions to security  bulletins. To register visit the following Web site:


* Protect your PC: Microsoft has provided information on how you
 can help protect your PC at the following locations:


 If you receive an e-mail that claims to be distributing a
 Microsoft security update, it is a hoax that may be distributing a
 virus. Microsoft does not distribute security updates through
 e-mail. You can learn more about Microsoft’s software distribution
 policies here:


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