When you or your clients use that Windows 98 machine..just think of this…

Windows 98…what was job one for that operating system?  Being a GUI platform for programs.

Was it a feature of that operating system to be a tool for the Internet?  I’d argue not.

Was it a feature that operating system to have security included?


Think about that one the next time your client says 98 is ‘good enough’.

Good enough for what?


One Response to Something to think about when you use your Windows 98 machine

  1. Ralph says:

    I agree totally with your views on Windows 98. To a point.

    A long time ago in a zip code far, far away, I was employeed by a company that taught me to use what I had around me, and once all resources were exhausted, then research the possibilities. I am currently in a company now that is still using mostly 98 in the network. I threw out NT and Exchange 5.5 after the third failure, and have been working with what I’ve been given. What the company does, does not warrant any new changes in the technology that they use at this point in time (trust me, I cringe that I can’t find the fault as of this moment.) Without proper backup, without a reason why the jobs that are being asked by the non-IT people can’t get done with the currently installed technology, is, unfortunately, non existent. Yes, building new networks today should be looking at the current and future offerings. But some have to make do with what they have. As a newbie sbs2003, I’ve shown them how employees can now access their emails from outside the network, and they are excited. I mention other remote features, and they say that is all that they would like to allow for the moment. Mind you only a very few, say 5, travel. They are not looking to upgrade. The network is fine. The computers are up and running. All jobs are currently being met. There are no big situations involving our current network "Why fix something that’s not broken?" Yes, newer maybe better, but it might not be cost efficient in some instances. Some may consider this a mom-and-pop company, but it works. Purchasing new computers at this point is not an option. But sometimes, if you can play chess and see a few moves ahead, then options do present itself. I know I may be missing some exciting features, (I know, because I bring them up to the bosses) but I know eventually, we’ll be walking down that upgrade path. For now, I’ll take what I can get, and try and squeeze some more blood from the stone…..