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 Crazed woman arrested in Fresno after she disrupted a United flight from Las Vegas to Fresno.  Passengers say that the woman unbuckled her seat belt during take off and crawled over the seats and began strangling a passenger two rows behind her.  When questioning the surrounding passengers they said “I really don’t know what happened.”  “One minute the guy was just discussing to the passenger next to him, how he downloads stuff through Morpheus and how it loads up pop ups and gunk on is machine and every so many weeks he uninstalls Morpheas and then uses Microsoft Anti Spyware to clean up his PC and then reloads Morpheous and starts over again”.  “He said that he didn’t want to pay for Morpheous so he just put up with the pop ups and ads until it got really bad and then used the free Microsoft Anti spyware”  Passengers said “the next thing we know she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and got her hands around his throat”.  They said that the female passenger calmed down a bit when the gentlemen praised the Microsoft product for being so good [and free] in cleaning up his machine on a regular basis. and the fact that he was urging a fellow passenger to search on the Microsoft site to download it and  install it on his machine.

The woman was carted away muttering….. “risk… he’s actually ACCEPTING spyware as a reasonable computing experience because he’s so cheap and sees this as perfectly fine”

Family members and a group of folks called MVPs were not available for comment….


Okay …so I didn’t climb over the seats, strangle him, nor get hosipitalized…but everything else is the truth.


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  1. joe says:

    Ok, so I promise not to say that out loud again….


  2. flaphead says:

    You didn’t really get taken off the plane did you 😐

  3. Really strange and stupid woman. If the Microsoft AntiSpyware software is doing a good job of actually removing the software, why should he bother paying for something?

    Would it have been any different if the guy was using Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy?

  4. says:

    Software is produced by people who work very hard to put it together. Those people get to decide under what terms they will allow you to use the software. Some ask for payment in cash, others look for their reward in prestige alone, others even like to develop software as a charitable enterprise, donating that software to the community.

    In this case, however, the makers of Morpheus have obviously stated that there are two ways you can pay them back for their software – you can either pay them in cash, or you can pay them by watching the advertising that comes through their software.

    Removing the advertising components, and then watching as they come back onto your system, should be a reminder to you that if the software is good enough for you to use, it’s good enough for you to agree to the developer’s stated payment schedule.

    Anything else is dishonest.

    I think Susan’s concern is more about the risk of having unwanted and unnecessary components on your system, and that can easily be satisfied by paying real money for the software you use, rather than submitting to advertising.

    Of course, file sharing with unidentified and unreliable sources is a great way to increase your exposure to other threats, such as viruses and spyware not associated with the p2p software you use.