The first five I met in the plane over from Fresno, the next glob was in the line for a cab, the next view was in the window of a shop at the Bellagio hotel, and even now, sitting as I typically do, on the airport floor next to the power plug in, they are here…what are they?  The ladies in the red hats and wearing purple.

And to these ladies over the age of 50 that decide to ‘brand themselves’ as someone who wants to live their life a certain way also remind me of the SBS Community.  We don’t wear red hats, but we bond and share info.

Here at a CPA Tech Conference, Anne Stanton [who amazes me with the amount of business cards she accumulates] found two firms from Alabama that specialize in SBS. She tells the soon to be community members about all thatt they are missing out on.  Sometimes we work in a silo and don’t realize that ‘we’re normal’ and that ‘we belong’.  Sometimes you need a Red Hat kind of belonging.  

Sept 9 – 11th, SMBNation is our SBS equivalent of the “Red Hat” Conference.  If you haven’t booked by now, it”s not too late.  

Have it be your “red hat event”  




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