…so we’re packing up….

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Last day of the AICPA Tech Conf in Vegas…

And of course, the LAST thing I’m putting in the suitcase is the DLink wireless access point.  We’re using the TV checkout system.

Things we didn’t do.

  • Sleep

  • Anne didn’t audio blog

  • I didn’t go to the pool

  • Anne didn’t go to the hot tub

  • Convince Mark Minasi that SBS isn’t evil just because it doesn’t natively have a secondary domain controller

Things we did do

  • Didn’t sleep

  • Talked with good friends

  • Made sure we introduced people that we knew….that we wanted to make sure knew each other [Alan Brill from Kroll on track…meet Roger Grimes]

And with that… I’ll packing up the wireless… I’ll be on the Cellular air card next for the next round…


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