Cleaning house

On July 5, 2005, in Tools, by

There’s one problem with my C:drive. It’s too big.  It’s so big that I get lazy and don’t clean it up.

Like… I don’t throw away the Trend quarantined files, nor the junk in the bad mail.  [Mind you Trend does a bit of an automagic clean up …but still]

I leave behind all the patches even though now that I have SP1 I could get rid of the older, replaced patches.

I don’t delete the XP sp1 that I could delete.

What other places do YOU regularly visit and make sure you clean up every now and then?


2 Responses to Cleaning house

  1. Bill Vogel says:


    I clean up my SMCF/quarantine and smex/virus daily. But… now that you mention it I can change the settings to delete anything in smex instead of quarantining it. One less thing to do. SP1 is gone and replaced with SP2. No bad Mail as of Exchange SP1.

    Other than that the only cleaning up I do would be occasionally emptying the temp folder.


    Bill V

  2. Graeme Smith says:



    c:\Documents and Settings\ADMINACCOUNTNAME\Local Settings\Temp\*.*

    Delete all 3Gb of

    c:\windows\$NTUninstallKB**** folders.

    As most patches and SP’s cannot be uninstalled anyways I have no idea why these get archived. On our reference system we have had no problem with deleting them. On a full ypatched SBS you will get back between 3 and 5 Gb!!

    Saves you a lot of heartache with Veritas Storage Foundation to resize the C:\ and D:\ – well at least for a bit!