Quick question…what’s the hands down best security tool you have?  Think about it for a sec….. okay got it?

What is it?

Did you say your users?  Kevin Mitnik thinks that’s what the answer is.  On a daily basis I get paypal, banking offers and tons of other ‘phishing’ sites that try to get me to take some action that I really shouldn’t.  And some of them are done quite well. 

The suggestion is that you put posters on the bathroom door because you have a captive audience there.  Reminds me of the bathrooms in the ESPN Sports bar in Downtown Disney when I walked in… thought merely just the sound of the television was being piped in and …well… looked up and saw a bank of TV screens.  Needless to say, you are a captive audience in there.

So do you have training?  Do you tell your end users when you are seeing bad things?  Do you remind them of Patch tuesday?  Do you include them in your ‘awareness?’  You should.  They are just as much a part of your security onion layers and may indeed be the most important part.


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