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So the partner in my office went to make changes to his address book and then got out the usb cable to syncronize the phone.  But wait.. we don’t need any cables.  The cool thing about the Audiovox 5660 phone [aka the SeanDaniel.com phone] is that once it’s set up, it not only will automagically sync up, but with a mere rocker bar you can scroll to the sync button and manually sync it.

Just like Pinocchio, we don’t need any cables anymore to make the sync connection.  And now that I know the steps, I told another in the office that it would be way much easier setting up the next one if they wanted to update their phones.  The partner said he was going to take it to a meeting on Monday and show it to the Attorney who was using a Blackberry.  He said that he was in a conference the other day and they needed to make a conference call and they just used the Attorney’s cell phone speakerphone ability.  It was that good.  We both agreed that we really like the size of the Audiovox.  It was smaller than his old clunky Nokia and then way way smaller than the Blackberry.  Granted the advantage that the Blackberry has is a slightly larger keyboard for email…but I’m a gal who always says “pick your tool“.  If you need to email ‘that’ much …take a tablet pc along with a wireless aircard.

This blog post mentions that in the UK they have an offer for a free trial to some executives.  Check it out.  Even they know the power of the “WOW” method of selling.  No marketing.. no glossy ads… just showing someone it works.

It’s not that long ago that I had a brick of a cell phone and now the partner has Outlook and Internet in his pocket.  Keep in mind that I’ve only enabled OMA and haven’t opened up any additional ports to my network.  Look how much more efficient I’ve just made someone in the office with an investment of about US$200.

I’d even strongly recommend that you consultants pick up this phone [or a Windows Mobile Smart Phone Device like it].  Remember the marketing method used to sell it to us?  It [or something like it] was seen in use.  When you use it in front of your clients… you will sell it…and if they don’t have a SBS 2003 network … well you just might sell one of those too.   


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