Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons


If you Windows Update or Microsoft Update manually these days, you need to download the Genuine Advantage file ‘before’ getting updates. 


I checked and Shavlik [and I presume other patch programs don’t need to either] have to have this on your boxes to get patches from Shavlik.  Good.  Mess with my patching tool and my way to keep my network secure and I’d be a bit concerned.


Description of the Windows Genuine Advantage program



From the FAQs


Q: Do all Windows users need to validate, or is validation limited to particular versions of Windows?

A: Validation is required for all genuine Windows downloads on Microsoft Download Center and the Windows Update service for users of Windows XP and Windows 2000 (client, not server). Security updates are accessible to all users via Automatic Updates. Genuine Windows downloads are available, without validation, to customers running Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, and Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3. Genuine Windows downloads are not available for older versions of Windows (Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 2 and earlier), and non-Microsoft operating systems.  


Q: Do security updates require validation?

A: Security updates are not part of WGA. Security updates can be installed using the Windows XP Automatic Updates feature, or downloaded from the Download Center

And according to this.. it’s already been ‘cracked‘.  Nice.  Bottom line folks.. buy legal software and the rest of us won’t have to suffer through this kind of stuff, okay?


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