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The SKU codes for the Volume license media for SBS 2003 sp1 are:

SBS 2003 sp1 [slipstream media] T75-00605

Just the service pack is T75-00623

These can be ordered through the MS volume license fulfillment at 1-800-248-0655 [US/Canada – worldwide call your local fulfillment unless you are in Australia where I think they want you to go through a reseller] or through a reseller/distributor.

When you call MS volume licesning, have your agreement and authorization numbers handy off the eopen web site.  For those folks like me on the three year software assurance [where we get the software updates automagically] we can’t go through MS volume license fulfillment, we have to go through our reseller/distributor.  Only the two year SA folks can go through the MS volume license fulfillment. [don’t worry… whatever headache you are starting to get… Eric Ligman and the gang can sort you out on the Mssmallbiz community]

OEM folks.. well.. fortunately if you buy a Dell server now, you are getting SP1’d OEM media.


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