You are right.

Live with it [see note below for reasonable shut down times]

Microsoft Issues Fix for SBS 2003 Slow Shutdown:

The shutdown process takes longer than expected to finish on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer:

Now what I don’t quite understand is the file on my ‘non patched’ SBS 2003 sp1 box is the same version as in that KB article.  But I haven’t gotten around to requesting the hotfix to see what’s ‘really’ in it.

Update:  Upon further investigation..we ALREADY have this QFE fix in our SBS sp1 boxes… the KB article is misleading because it says “you need Service Pack 1 in place before applying this’ …what they mean is … ‘you need Exchange 2003 sp1 in place before applying this“.

Bottom line if your server is taking a minute or two to shut down… it’s normal.

If your server is taking like longer than 10 minutes or so… that’s not normal and should be investigated.



3 Responses to If you think your SBS 2003 server shuts down a smidge slower after SP1?

  1. happyfunboy says:

    when i first started messing with exchange, back in the 4.x and 5.x days, i got in the habit of always stopping the exchange system attendant service before giving a system shutdown or restart command.

    shaved a good 15-30 minutes off a shutdown or reboot.

    good thing i’ve kept that habit…

  2. Anders says:

    Does anybody know the order in which the services should be stopped, a bat file with the proper net stop command would be a great thing for the SMB community? I have made one for the Trend VirusWall for SMB and it always help a lot to short the shutdown time.

    Best regards, Anders

  3. happyfunboy says:

    all you have to do it shut down system attendant, which also stops the other core exchange services, which in turn avoids any shutdown/reboot delay.

    all other remaining exchange services still running will shut down gracefully during system shutdown or reboot

    you could use this command in a bat file:

    net stop "Microsoft Exchange System Attendant" /y

    as mentioned in KB Article ID: 555025 here:;en-us;555025