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Like my prior post, sometimes there’s an instance where someone gets bad advice.  And right now I’m seeing one issue with getting bad advice in the past.  Remember class, my history…. I was once told that SBS was too limiting for me….that I would outgrow it…that it wasn’t for me.

Look around folks…now tell me that SBS is limiting?  Let’s see…oh yes… Remote web workplace where a co-worker is logging into from overseas…oh yeah..that’s limiting… or Cell phones that sync up with the mail server… ah yes… see how limited I am?

So when that firm has indeed listened to a partner.. a Microsoft Partner in fact… I’m sorry…but I don’t think it’s right that they should now suffer and not be able to get any kind of version upgrade rights into SBSland from ‘normal’ server.  Alas the migration from Windows 2000 [plain] to SBSland is not seen as an upgrade/version upgrade or anything that qualifies the customer who got bad advice to a slightly better deal. 

Now… you know me.. I certainly call a conversion from plain Windows 2000 to SBS..ANYTHING above a 2000 version an upgrade.  I mean … we have so much more to offer than plain server it’s not funny.

Call me silly, but I think it’s even more silly that the customer who thought they were getting a good recommendation…didn’t.  Especially now.. some would argue that there were major drawbacks on the SBS 4.0/4.5 platform, less drawbacks on the SBS 2000 platform… for a firm in the ‘sweet’ spot, it’s just a shame that they have to now pay for the bad advice they got.  Even in the SBS 2000 era… SBS was seen as a bit of a ‘runt’ box and cut down… ‘oh you have a limited version of SQL don’t you?’ …uh…no you are thinking of SBS 4.5… so it took a long time for Microsoft partners [remember MY story about how I had to insist on SBS?] to deploy SBS 2000 and you pretty much had to get someone wacko enough to beleive in the platform.

So I would argue that it’s now a bit hard to say …gee you should have gotten a better Partner recommendation…when it was ‘buyer beware’ and the customer had to insist on SBS in many cases.

Other examples of bad advice… don’t buy Full retail/packaged product of SBS 2003…buy it via open license.  It gets you into the Open license model where EULAs and CAL codes and what not are kept track of for you.  As a customer of SBS, make sure your consultant talks about the options you have in licensing… if all he or she does is bash Microsoft… go get a new Microsoft partner…a Small Business Specialist in fact [just got the welcome box today as a matter of fact]

Oh…and one more bit of advice?  If you ARE selling/installing SBS and you aren’t a Microsoft partner…arent’ considering going for the Small Business Specialist designation…if you are not a hard core SBSer and planning your trip to Seattle and SMBnation, the SBS lovefest? 

Why not?


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