From the mailbag tonight comes this question….

Hi!!! I want to know if it’s recommended for 40-50 users connected to a SBS2003 Std. Server for file, print, mail and fax.  And what specs for a server with 40-50 users connected are recommended.


You DO know about the SBS Dogfood server don’t you?




You don’t?  You see it’s the Poor little SBS box that probably has the WORST job in the entire universe… putting up with a bunch of it’s owners…and when I say owners… I’m not talking about any owners.. I”m talking about the people that WROTE the stuff in the first place.


That’s poor little SBS box supports about 70 users.


And what’s the specs on this box?


Dual Proc – 2.8 ghz

1 gig of RAM

SCSI disks


Now in my network… I’d call that underpowered… I have 4 gigs but I’ll be honest with you …my server falls asleep most of the day waiting for things to do.


So can 50 people hang off a SBS server?  Oh you bet…but here’s the thing… back in our MVP ranks we’ve been swapping stories about

  • 3 servers with 4 users

  • 1 server with 1 user

  • 5 servers  with 25 users

  • 2 servers with 20 users

  • 2 servers with 45 users

Get the idea there isn’t just one answer…that it depends on the needs of the firm?  But in all of those ‘specs’ … SBS 2003 is the base of the firm.


What you need to check with the firm is WHAT ELSE are they needing to do.  My guess is that firm is unlike the SBS dev team and they need some line of business app server or a terminal server to hang off the side.


So Danny… the answer is.


YES.  But honestly for more advice?  Come out to the Small biz community will ya and ask a bunch of us?


One Response to Can 40 to 50 users be connected to a SBS 2003 server?

  1. Tony says:

    Well, we have our SBS server on one that I spec’d for SBS 4.5 back in 2000. Dual PIII 500 mHz, 1 gig ram, 2 18 gig drives and 2 36 gig drives. Non-hotplug, software raid.

    It actually works pretty well with SBS2003 Premium with the exception of the disk bottleneck when volume snapshots are taken.

    Probably going to upgrade to a newer machine before the year is out.